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Meet Kieon Dorsey: Your Hardcore Motivation Coach

RSP-sponsored athlete Kieon Dorsey, the mastermind behind the "No Struggle No Progress" fitness brand, has turned tough life lessons into five motivational mantras that'll get you off your ass and in the gym.

Kieon Dorsey is living proof of what can be accomplished through sheer will and hard work. To find his way, he had to walk away from a well-paid and hard-earned professional career—after being the first in his family to graduate from college. Instead of following the money, he followed his gut, and took a leap into the unfamiliar world of fitness training.

But it worked out—very well, in fact. Today, he is an in-demand personal trainer with a growing client list that includes everyone from locals looking to shape up to sports stars and celebrities. And no wonder—his list of creds includes:

  • RSP-sponsored athlete
  • Master trainer and fitness director of Sportscenter Athletic Club in High Point, North Carolina
  • Creator of the "No Struggle No Progress" fitness brand

Dorsey knows how to put an athlete through his or her paces, but he also knows how to get inside their head. Talk to the 33-year-old for any length of time, and you just might have a sudden urge to go lift a weight, do a killer set of burpees, run until your lungs give out—or all of the above.

Here are Dorsey's five foundational lessons, each born out of a step along his journey:

Lesson 1: Show Up

Lesson 2: To Grow, Punch Above Your Weight

Lesson 3: Be Passionate. Go Beyond What's Expected

Lesson 4: Do What Has The Biggest Impact

Lesson 5: Go Through It To Get To It

"My program started in the gym, but it applies everywhere," Dorsey says. "Your job, your finances, your fitness goals, your life goals. It's all about developing the resilience to keep going. The only way you can learn how to deal with certain things in life is to experience them. Sometimes you've got to go through it to get to it."

Dorsey is inspired by his clients' ability to persist.
"My clients include mothers going through divorces, people fighting obesity, people who were ready to give up," he says. "One of my clients survived cancer—twice. When he first came to me, he weighed 115 pounds. Now he's at 185 and looks like a machine. He's proof that a strong, resilient mind leads to a strong, resilient body."

Meet Kieon Dorsey: Your Hardcore Motivation Coach

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